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I coach women to set new intentions. I coach women who are from all walks of life who have experienced different types of trauma (mental, physical or sexual abuse, divorce, grief and other traumatic experiences.)


If you feel unable to live life to its fullest because you are dragged down by addictions, fears, low self esteem, weight issues and other types of baggage, I am here to help you.


Together we will develop recovery skills and tools to help you overcome the trauma so you can begin to live the life God has designed for you. Many of you are “prisoners” imprisoned by your experiences and by your past choices. I am here as your coach to help you create new choices as you take the PATH TO INTENTIONAL HEALING. Together we will breakthrough your self-imposed prison. Real freedom is truly possible! Being intentional is going to be a huge part of your healing process. You're here for a purpose. Together will create purposeful intentions for the wholeness of your life path. 

I coach one on one, do group coaching and hold retreats. One on one coaching is conducted over the phone. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call for you to ask questions and experience what coaching could do to change your life and for us to determine if we are a good match.


Click here to request your free 30-minute discovery call. 


  • Eating Disorders/Food Addiction

  • Body Image Issues

  • Sexual Abuse & Assault

  • Mental & Emotional Abuse

  • Codependency

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Grief

  • Divorce

Ready to get started?

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